Nominations for AeSN Executive Committee Members

Dear AeSN Members,

On behalf of Aeronautical Society of Nepal (AeSN), I would like to inform you that the office term of current AeSN Executive Committee is ending on July 2021. Thus, I would humbly request our interested members to join AeSN Executive Committee for the term 2021-2023. Your participation in this year’s election will help determine the direction of Aeronautical Society of Nepal (AeSN).

For nominations, please email us at or message us on our facebook/viber.

AeSN Executive Committee will consist of:

a. President -1

b. Vice-President -1

c. Secretary-1

d. Treasurer-1

e. Members- 5

The new AeSN Executive Committee will be elected in 17th July 2021.

-Ashish Manandhar

President (2019-2021)

Aeronautical Society of Nepal (AeSN)