The Relationship Between Leadership Styles and Aviation Safety: A Study of Aviation Industry – Brigadier General Er. Dipak Prasad Bastola

Saturday, 06th February 2021
17:00 – 18:00, Nepal Standard Time

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About the Speaker

Brigadier General Bastola is the Chief Engineer of Repair and Maintenance Services (RMS) Nepali Army. Brig Gen Bastola has dedicated more than three decades to serving the Nepali Army Aviation. Additionally, he has also been actively participating in the Air crash investigation within Nepalese Sky whether it be civil or military aircraft. Additionally, he has been actively involved in the investigation of air crashes in the Nepalese sky whether it is civilian or military aircraft.
Brig Gen Bastola graduated from the Aeronautical Society of India in 1995 with a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering, and in 2009 received a master’s degree in management from the Toulouse Business School. He completed his Ph.D. research from the School of Management, Kathmandu University in 2020.

Brigadier General Bastola will be presenting the findings from his research on the role of aviation leaders and their leadership style in aviation safety. Also, he will put forward his recommendation on adopting the most efficient management style to reduce air accidents.