Benifits of Membership

  • The Society provides members with a platform to meet the professionals from the aviation and aerospace science community and discuss issues of common interest.
  • The Society provides free participation in the seminars and conferences organized by Society to promote aviation and aerospace sciences and to raise awareness in these areas.
  • The Society provides preferential subscription rates in the workshop and training organized by Society to promote professionals in the field of aviation and aerospace sciences.
  • The Society publishes a journal annually devoted to research and technical articles on various aspects of aeronautical sciences. Each member is entitled to a copy of the newspaper.
  • Society members will have an opportunity to vote online on current issues in order to create an official view of the organization.

Membership eligibility

  1. To be an individual member the following qualifications need to be fulfilled:
    • Nepali national.
    • At least eighteen years of age completed.
    • A minimum of Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering degree from a recognized university / Engineering Student / Individuals, who have been contributing to aeronautics, aerospace or aviation with his/her honorary work.
  2. Any non-governmental organization registered under the prevailing law and having fundamentally similar objectives and goals as the society shall be eligible to be a member of this society as per the conditions laid down by society.

Types of members

  1. General Member
  2. Student Member
  3. Honorary Member
  4. Corporate Member

General Member

Engineers who have succefully completed a minimum of Bachelors degree in Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering.

Student Member

Students who are currently studying aeronautical engineering or any other engineering and/or are interested in Aeronautical Engineering.

Honorary Member

Nepalese Individuals, who have been contributing to aeronautics, aerospace or aviation with his/her honorary works & elected by the board.

Corporate Members

Given to national/international organization, who wants to successfully move forward, in the aerospace industry.

Renew your membership:

Cancellation of Membership

  1. Under  the following  conditions an individual  or an organization shall be  considered ineligible for general, life, founder, honorary and organizational membership:
    • In case of an individual who hasn’t completed 18 years of age,
    • In case of unsound mind or insanity,
    • In case of an organizational member if the organization so represented is dissolved legally or the individual is no longer associated with the organization,
    • In case of all members if s/he absents for three consecutive meetings of the General Assembly without prior notification e In the case of convicted by the court in the criminal case of moral turpitude, .
    • In case of a member who is charged with acting against the principles of the society or who misappropriated the funds or mis-utilized resources and the executive committee decides by a two-thirds majority in favor of termination of membership of the accused.
    • In case of general or organizational members who don’t renew their membership.
    • In case of having been proven guilty and convicted by the law for any type of crime such as burglary, fraudulence or other improper acts as per the prevailing law.
    • In case of a motion of no confidence passed as per Article 24,
    • In case of not following the regulations and by-laws set by the Statute.
  2. The membership of any member will automatically be redundant if found to be ineligible as per clause 1 .

Membership Fee

Membership Type Registration FeeAnnual FeeLifetime Membership Fee
Student memberRs. 250 Rs. 250 Not Applicable
General MemberRs.2000Rs.1000Rs.13000
Corporate MemberRs.10000Rs.5000Not Applicable

Registration Fee and Lifetime membership fee is Payable only once during Registration.